Chocolate Covered Peanuts

These are my absolute favorites. So easy to make and even easier to slip one into your mouth for a moment of joy and happiness. 

Let's get to it. Let me give you the ingredients, a video and a few pictures and send you on your way to make a pot for of happiness!


1 16oz jar of UNSALTED Peanuts
1 16oz jar of SALTED Peanuts
2 (10oz) bags of butterscotch chips
1 (12oz) bag of special dark chips
1 (12oz) bag of milk chocolate chips
2 (16oz) white almond bark - vanilla

Layer your ingredients into a crockpot.

My crockpot is 10 years old and the brand is Crockpot - The Original Crockpot. This is what is says on the side. I have the largest one you can get.

I put in the peanuts, followed by the 4 bags of chips, followed by the vanilla flavored bark. There is no right way. This recipe was completely different when I found it and over the years I have made changes and came up with this combinations of chips to create a sweet yet smooth chocolate covered peanut.

My crockpot takes 2 hours until everything is melted. I stir it, let heat for 5 more minutes, stir until all is combined, then start scooping.

Above photo is all stirred and ready for scooping. Below photo are the scoopers. The larger scooper on the right makes bigger pieces that give you 2 bites, while the smaller scoop makes a piece of candy you can pop into your mouth. It's a preference.

The below picture is using the larger scoop on right. My dad likes them this way so I make a few for him.

The below picture is using the smaller scoop for pop in your mouth goodness.

And last but not least, the larger pieces in the back with the smaller pieces in the front. This recipe makes a LOT of candy. Great for giving to family and friends with a few left over for your private stash!

Let your peanuts sit for 2-3 hours until completely firm. Store in a container in the refrigerator for a month OR they are good on your counter for 3 days.








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