Kitchen Pumpkins

These are super cute and can actually be used to clean your dishes when the moment arrives. You will need:

Copper Scrubbing Pads
A few twigs from your yard.
Floral Wire
Leaves from the yard or a couple of small imitation leaves from a wreath or your craft stash.
I started with a 3 pack of Copper Scrubbing Pads I picked up at the HEB. The brand was Scotch Brite, but I have seen these at the dollar store, Home Goods, Walmart, anywhere there is a cleaning section in a store.

The scrubbing pads come smashed tight so you will have to open them up a bit and shape by gently pulling from the outside.

Next I held my leaves next to the bottom of the stem, I got my leaves from a large swag I had, no one will notice they are missing, and I used the floral wire to wrap around the stem and hold them in place. 

I left plenty of extra wire when I started and when I finished so I could make the curls. In an actual pumpkin field you will see the curls from the vines. I wrapped my wire around a pencil to create the curl.

Now your stem, leaves and wire are ready to be inserted into the scrubbing pad. You will need to create a bit of room, not too much, just enough to fit your stem and stand up straight.


These are great gifts for a home warming basket or someone moving into a new home around the holidays!


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